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SpiritWare™ ~ Software for the Soul
Master Guardian Program ~ Thoth Raismes Edition v1.0

Thoth Master Guardian
  • Features Maia Nartoomid's energy-art
  • Facilitates a stronger connection to Master Thoth
  • Makes connection to Pymander Elohim Computer
  • Creates etheric "network" of all computers involved
  • Domes of Light form from this etheric"network"
  • Shifts energy in computer to higher frequencies
  • Shifts energy environment around computer
  • Shifts energy non-locally in infinite time-space
  • High-level radionics device
  • Radionics work etherically with computer off
  • Displays Pymander radionics attunement used
  • 3 separate radionic energy-art animations
  • Program your own unique intentions
  • 5 personally customizable settings

NOT supported on Mac OR WIN 7 - please read system requirements link below

Maia Christianne Nartoomid: (written to one of her clients) Simeon (my husband) has been working on creating a software program which he has just completed using my art and channeled material. The program opens on the computer desktop with codes of the particular Master or sacred symbols, etc. It has a radionics pattern that RADIATES through the computer's gold and crystalline components and then through the person in that field (working on the computer).

The images are beautifully animated and can be positioned anywhere on the desktop so that you can view it while you work. The first one he has created is that of THOTH. It has my art of his portrait, mandala and medallion (you can choose which one you wish to view at the time). I now have his portrait present while I work on your session - FIRST TIME for me to use it like this.

It is so powerful! In the animation, his third eye is radiating LIGHT and an ankh then appears on his forehead. Simeon has even managed to have him BLINK! He comes to life; and of course the radionics codes are radiating from this animation. I share this, as I feel it gives additional POWER to this session, streaming directly from Thoth and his merkabah.

Last night, I had a vision of Thoth (I RARELY do) in a chariot, pulled by two perfectly matched white horses. I felt it was his "Chariot of the Sun" merkabah. I believe he was relaying to me that it was time for me to call upon him and his merkabah more fully, for my own HEALING on all levels. I believe that my using the THOTH Master Guardian program Simeon created contributed significantly to me having this experience even though I was not at the computer at the time I have been in that field it creates geting saturated with its codes.

Maggie Kwan, Hong Kong:  the energy current is really strong!  And it is an ingenious idea to use the computer as a vessel for emmiting light and love to all (not only the owner of the computer, but also all those in the vicinity). I wish to recommend it to my friends in Hong Kong and overseas as well.

Joe Polansky of Diamond Fire Magazine, Florida: the art and the graphics are just fabulous. I like having Toth on top of all my programs - keeps your mind focused.

Che'usa Sienna Wend, California: This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay cool. . . just ordered it after trying out the free trial. You are amazing!

Amanda Bar Roca, Spain: I'm absolutely amazed. . . I have downloaded it easily and I have right now the Mandala working on my screen.  What a wonderful and inspired idea!  It fits like a glove to my present need.  THANK YOU!

Wished to Remain Anonymous, Texas: thank you so much for this gift. It's a wonderful idea as I've felt quite a range of energies flowing through electronics, particularly computers. I downloaded the software and immediately began to feel an opening in the heart chakra.

Jo Painted Sky, Colorado: I am enjoying the software.  I'm particularly drawn to the medallion. . . I will certainly consider . . . future new software and look forward to experiencing your creations. This one is pretty incredible.

Gary Hamilton, Florida: one afternoon I was meditating and experimenting with the Thoth Master Guardian program. I activated the portrait, medallion, and the mandala at the same time. I then began to move them around and even placed the portrait on top of the medallion while the mandala was above. All three were radiating profound energy. The portrait centered just right was really powerful. After experimenting I left them on the screen separated. I left the computer on throughtout the afternoon and night. The next morning when I went to the computer, the screen had timed out as usual but when I activated the screen the portrait had moved itself back over the medallion.Whoaaaaaa..Wow!

Patricia L'Dara, Colorado: WOWIE, ZOWIE Simeon!!!!!!!!!! How ever did you do all this wizardry?? Thoth floating in space right before my very eyes! Magical icons blessing my third eye. What will you think of next? . . . It is soooooooooo inspiring.

Susan, Jakarta, Indonesia: I have just downloaded the SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian program and the entire energy on my computer, home office and myself changed! . . .Interesting though, after loading down the program, feeling the impact and sharing this with you, I went to bed, the presence of Thoth is everywhere in my home not only office. Beyond words. . . may you be blessed - always - as you bring so much blessings to all of us.

Sandra Dobratz, Washington State: . . .the first few days after loading the trial version of "The Master Guardian Series" that my body had to then become balanced with the energy coming from the 3 graphics. It was so powerfully energetic!
On a mental level, it triggered a compelling, almost addictive fascination with the flow of energy coming through. I am quite sensitive to energy of any kind, so I can tell you it was dramatic as well as a wonderful experience to behold.
Well, on an visual esthetics level I found myself playing with the graphics. To my surprise, after accidentally loading more than one of each item, I repeatedly loaded several medallions and mandala's. I then tried several patterns with the group, until I created different patterns on my desktop. Delighted, I was like a five year old creating my own painting. It was so much fun, I couldn't stop playing with this new channel of energy for some reason.
Wow, I am so grateful once again for this wondrous gift that you and Maia have shared with all of us, as well as all the gifts you offer on your site. Bless both of you beyond measure.

. . . I plan to experiment with using this energy flow during meditation. I will continue to share my findings with you, if you like. I know I will find this new gift of the Master Series very beneficial throughout my daily spiritual work, now that I have gone past the initial exuberating first phase of energetic delight.
What a blessing you have given all of us with the Guardian Series, an awesome treasured gift for all.