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12/09/07 Tele-Class on Thoth Master Guardian and the Pymander

This Tele-Class is in two parts.

Part I covers basic functionality and features of the program and is a good way for you to get familiar with the program. Be sure to have the program installed, open and running on screen before you start listening to Part I of this Tele-Class recording ~ app. 41 minutes long.

Part II covers the radionics principles and and inner spiritual workings of the SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian program as well as providing some good esoteric and metaphysical information on radionics principles, the Pymander Inner Earth Elohim Computer, the nature of time in higher-dimensions, the Mayan Long Count Calendar, the acceleration of our perception of time, and more on Metatronic reality ~ app. 58 minutes long.

To listen to Part II without having to listen to Part I first, download the file to your hard drive (versus letting it stream online) as per the instructions below, then double-click on the mp3 file on your hard drive to play it, and immediately fast forward to the 41 minute mark.

To download this file to your hard drive right-click the link below and choose "Save Target As".

To listen to this Tele-Class online using your computer just left-click the link below and it will open your default mp3 media player program and start streaming the file after a short delay. If you do not have an up to date media player you may have to wait until the entire file downloads before it starts to play.

12/09/07 SpiritWare ™ Thoth Master Guardian Tele-Class - 34.9MB | 1 hour 39 min. runtime.

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