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The Updwelling

The Updwelling

In 2013 a path opens from the other electromagnetic zones (and thus dimensions) of the Earth. Primarily the Inner Earth and the Higher Devic (nature) Realm. We are now beginning to go through this "first phase" of union.

It will take many forms. The process of opening all the thresholds and drawing the energies of these realms into a present wellspring for us to draw upon and experience in dramatic ways, will continue into 2025.

The Light codes given in this video are introductory for this experience in each person's life. It is REAL, it is here now...we simply need to embrace and quicken to what is already within our grasp.

Beginning with this video, I have assembled my own music for it, using Magix Music Maker. This allows for an even greater fine tuning of the transmission.

Length of Full Video: 00:13:05

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The Updwelling
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