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Sacred An Process

Sacred An Process

The audio for this video is a live channeling I gave with a group of people in the virtual world of Second Life. It was given on September 25th, 2014 – the date of the installation of the Sacred An (ark) into it's new and last Thresholding Chamber inside the inter-dimensional Thoth Retreat within the mountain of Crest-In-The-Stone (Challenger Peak) at Crestone, Colorado.


The process itself is an energy conversion on a personal level of the Sacred An aspect within the human being...the keynote being a re-dedication to one's spiritual path in the current incarnation and a bridging to the “future” New Earth incarnational being. It is intended to illicit a personal spiritual shift of frequency, aligning the energy body and chakras to the New Earth Pure Gem Body, thus creating a re-dedication at a cellular level – grounding the New Earth into the NOW Moment of the individual.

In the video, the audio is accompanied by both animated and still images. Also the music I created for this video presentation. The procedure is not time-sensitive. Years from the date of 1/25/14 it will serve as a viable and powerful activation.

Since it is a live channeling, it is not smoothly presented as if scripted and there is some slight white noise at places in the background. I had thought of just scripting something similar and recording it nicely and using that as the audio instead, but my guidance strongly urged me to use the live version, as it contained the captured frequency of the spontaneous channeling – not only the process verbally, but energetically. My inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa, who was guiding me through it, even stated that the subtle white noise contained the frequency of the process...and that all present at the time contributed to that frequency.

As always for my videos, I chose the images and how they are presented, to elicit the proper mental-visual responses, when accompanied by the music. When voice is added, also the voice vibration itself. Altogether, it forms the unified vibratory package for activation.

Length of Full Video: 37:57

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Sacred An Process
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