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Return of the Muses

Music by Bruce Mitchell

This video is an initiation-infusion for self-discovery of the “Muse within.” It begins with a brief history of the Greek Muses and their more ancient counterparts of MU (Lemuria) known as the Mu'Sa.

Then the journey progresses into the realm of the nine attributes that the core Nine Muses embodied – which are more than the arts they outwardly represent.

The viewer become a participant in experiencing the core principles or attributes of the “Inner Muse” or spiritual array of talents we all possess. This presentation opens the scroll to a deeper understanding of how to live your Muse – bring forth your talents and life vitality into the world.

I watched Return of the Muses today..Maias newest video..:). It is the best to date yet that she has done in my opinion. I was enthralled and felt like I had entered another land...the presentation with the photographs, artwork, the use of Second Life avatars and the music was so well put togetherand her voice just carried me away.

After watching it I felt inspired myself and I definitely feel we are indeed again in the time of The Muses. Fantastic job, well done Maia. Thank you and I love you. ~ Your Sistar Sandy/Dru.

Hi Maia, yesterday I finally found the right time and space to enjoy watching the Return of the Muses video. would like to tell you what an amazing job putting this together you have done. Loved the visuals and your beautiful singing of tones, very magical. It helped me understand just why I have always loved to dance....I will go back and watch the video again to connect with the 9 Muses, I highly recommend this to anyone to find deeper connection with your Divine Self. ~ Karen Ani'Ra Edwards

You are quite a wondrous goddess and magnificent artist-prophet , many thanks for all your divinely beautiful works = both verbal and visual as well as energetically...thank you so very very much for so many confirmations of divine truths ~Tara

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Return of the Muses
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