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Opening of the Lotus: A Journey Into Ascension Consciousness

This video progresses you through the the basic understand and energetic infusion of Ascension dynamics, focused on the mechanism within the Great Pyramid of Giza or Temple of the Risen One, and it's etheric counterpart the Temple of the Morning Star.

Within each human being is a similar dynamic, thus as we come to understand this function and be quickened through our understanding, so we are aided in the actual process underway internally.

Those Intelligences who programmed and created the function of the Temples of Risen One and Morning Star, are facilitating a natural process of transformation in the Earth. This facilitation allows humanity to participate fully in the activation itself.

As you watch Opening of the Lotus, know that it is created to bring your attention to center – to place your third eye awakening in the midst of the Pillar of Fire within your own dynamic execution of reality, and draw you, like water from a well, through the portal of the soul's desire for Union.

At the very end of the video, my inner-planes mentor ThothHorRa requested I place a Bible quotation which he stated was a crucial key to understanding the entire Lotus format of the Earth. He wished only for the viewer to take this within individually, for inner intuitive speculation...that it would provoke deeper cognition to surface.

I... found this video remarkably beautiful,inspiring and profound. Thanks so much, Maia. Your talent and skill really show and every element comes together so smoothly and purposefully to create a flow that's truly moving and memorable.

Ascension seems nigh.... I think it's very reassuring, as you portray in your video, that the New World we'll leap into is exquisite in every way. I've taken the time recently to really look at it and consider what's possible... and what I dream of and hope for. You certainly have captured much of the "flavor" of my vision for our New World experience. I know it's a shared vision, based in the Heart. Thanks for creating this stunning piece. ~ Christine.


Maia has truly done a beautiful and amazing job on this video which she worked several weeks on creating. I had tears streaming down my cheeks watching it as my whole heart and being opened wider and wider.

We are taken on a deep mystical journey through the dynamics associated with the etheric counter-part of the Great Pyramid called the Temple of the Morning Star.

Deep infusion and understanding of highly energetic ascension dynamics like the Adonai Kodesh are revealed in a way where you feel their ignition point firing all the cells of your body as your DNA responds to the quickening pulse of Divine Fire being imparted.

This video is a high level activation par excellence... I really cannot say enough good things about, it defies description! ~ Simeon Chi'Ra from Cosmic Consciousness Online.

Length of Full Video: 00:14:21

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Opening of the Lotus
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