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The 7 Miracles of Light

A Teaching & Infusion on the Creation of the Light Body Mandala
as given by the Illumined Master ThothHorRa through Maia Nartoomid
Music by Bruce Mitchell

This material was originally channeled and written by me in the 1990's. It has never before been published in it's entirety. I did present it as a talk at a gathering in Sedona, Arizona.

THE SEVEN MIRACLES OF LIGHT is an insight and infusion given by Thoth to reveal the process of the creation of the Light Body Mandala, out of which is formed the "New Earth Star" Pure Gem Body - our truest form as human beings.

The video is a 26:40 long WMV.

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The accompanying PDF document is meant to supplement the video version which contains my art, animation (taken by me in the virtual world of Second Life) and music by Bruce Mitchell. It is suggested that you watch the video before reading the text. They are both the same, but the video – with imaging and music and my voice speaking it – is intended to be what ThothHorRa calls an “infusion” into the being.

It is best not to try and understand it with the mind, but simply allow it all to flow through your senses. The accompanying PDF text is for further study, if you wish to bring it more into the mental level – after having received the infusion of the video.

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7 Miracles of Light Video and PDF
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