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11th Gate of the Star

Journey of Initiation through the 11 Gates of the Temple of the Morning Star (etheric temple overlaying The Temple of the Risen One / Lion at Giza).

Gathering of the 14 measures of the Body of Osiris within, creating the Emancipated Form.

Communing with 11 Dweller Crystal Skulls in the process.

as given by the Illumined Master ThothHorRa through Maia Nartoomid
Music by Bruce Mitchell

I originally channeled and wrote this infusion / initiation in 1991. Recently ThothHorRa requested that I place this process into video format. I had probably not read it since I first released it. When Thoth asked me to do the video on it, I read it through for the first time in all these years.

I was stunned to find that the closing of the 11th Gate passage was December 31st 2011! Yet also puzzled as to why Thoth was requesting I begin on a rather large project with it now – since it would barely get released before the closing of the gate.

He stated that this initiation would continue to be valid past the “closing” of the 11th Gate since this closing was only a completion of a cycle that would then allow all to continue to move through this portal as long as was necessary. He explained to me that such things were “timeless” in the Inner. We become alert to them through cycles of linear time but we can touch into these points outside of time and space and continue to benefit from them in that manner.

He also shared with me that as I created the video, the light codes were being updated in this presentation to aid the participant in movement up and through the 11 Gates and beyond...at any point in time they chose to engage it.

The presentation is intended to be viewed as many times as you feel guided. It contains symbols, images and vocal cues for the re-calibration of light codes within the Energy Bodies.

It is important to put the mind at rest and allow it to move naturally in the currents of response to the stimulus of the presentation. Do not try and figure out meanings...instead stay in touch with feelings. The “Introduction” video is also sending out these signals to your core being as a preliminary infusion.

These videos are faster-paced than “meditational” processes. This is not a meditation...it is an infusion...a rush of light codes into the waiting receptors of sight and sound. Exposing yourself to this infusion more than once will reinforce the pathways in the body to open to the full potential of the receipt.

A package of 30 selected images from the many within the video come with the presentation. By placing these in your computer desktop mode (where the pictures change automatically) you will be further exposed to cues or triggers of what you have received with the videos whenever you are present on your computer.

Lengths of full version videos: Introduction – 10:04 minutes....First Infusion – 19:37 minutes...Second Infusion – 28:08 minutes...Total Length of Presentation - 47:45 minutes

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The full length video presentation is in three parts as hi-res WMV 1280 x 720 HD videos in ZIP files.

There is also a Desktop Package of 30 JPG images in a ZIP file.

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The accompanying PDF document is instructional and should be read first before viewing the videos.

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11th Gate of the Star
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