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Just Published in Paperback!!! Blue Star Love: from an Amazing Heart of Grace

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VISION OF ALBION ~ THE KEY TO THE HOLY GRAIL by Barry Dunford: Jesus, Mary Magdalene and the Christ Family in the Holy Land of Britain (published 2008).

This book is the result of fifteen years research into the hidden history surrounding the historical figure usually referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, and the origins of Christianity. Central to this is the primary role played by the sacred British Isles which the English poet and mystic, William Blake, viewed as the original and archetypal Holy Land on planet earth. That is to say, the initial and supreme location for the seeding of the Christ Light and Consciousness into the world, from where it was to radiate out to reach the entire globe itself.

William Blake refers to “Jesus the Christ” as the “Shepherd of Albion”, and it would appear that Jesus and other members of the Holy Family visited the sacred land of Britain, the Albionic Holy Grail. The implications are that there has been a monumental historical cover-up surrounding the real Jesus story and the true purpose behind His planetary mission.... read more and/or purchase.