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Our Policies

Returns & Refunds: our return and refund policy is that if anytime within 30 days of your purchase of any of our e-products you feel dissatisfied with your purchase we will refund your money less a 25% processing fee ($25.00 maximum).

Sessions and custom art services are NOT refundable, please be sure you wish to do the session or to order the custom art before placing yuor order. We will re-schedule your session two times without any additional charges.

SpiritWare™ ~ software for the soul is also not refundable as we provide you with a free trial period prior to purchase. The SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian is free, any amount you pay is legally considered a donation and donations are not refundable. The donations you make for this product should be made with the spirit of helping us to support the users of the program and to continue bringing forth additional aspects of the Master Program of Light the software program is a part of.

Support: we will support you in every way possible in the process of getting any digital file you have purchased downloaded onto your computer, installed, and/or located on your hard drive so that you can make use of the product you have purchased. The term of our support is good for 30 days after the date of purchase for digital images and publications, and 90 days for screensavers and other digital media.

We cannot be held responsible for problems on your computer or with your printer. All products have been thoroughly tested to ensure they work, but due to the complex nature of computers and the internet it is not possible to test under all circumstances. Most of the occassional problems encountered with either downloading, opening or installing our files are usually resolved by updating the computer's operating system and/or browser.