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Making these videos is dearest to my heart, as they incorporate art, images, music and words to bring together an activiational space for the person engaging them. It creates a zero point focus, which allows you to zoom into the pool of your own visionary sight, feeling and presence.

While informative, these videos I believe, also quicken the individual to their own visionary path in Spirit. This is the primary purpose for my creating the New Earth Ascension videos, over-lighted by my benefactor ThothHorRa and often other Illumined Ones of his Merkabah, Chariot of the Sun. I have been shown by Thoth how he inserts through me, certain key Light Language codes into the videos I create. 

These codes are Metatronic Inscriptions which quicken these same inscriptions within the DNA. This allows the latent Light codes in the DNA to see themselves in the mirror, so to speak. The inserted Light Inscriptions "remind" the DNA that they need to turn on similar encodings.

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Our screensavers are the only product we have at this time which we unfortunately cannot make work for MAC users, our sincerest heartfelt apologies to all of you with MACs. Additionally, for PC's our screensavers are only supported on WIN XP. They may work on other Windows systems but we cannot guarantee it. They definitely do NOT work well on WIN VISTA or WIN 7.

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Sacred An Process in SL (1)
An energy conversion of the Sacred An within the human being in response to a major activation.


Pyramidis Radius 101 (1)
The Pyramidis Radius (PR) or the La’Sha’Ka’Ra Lotus Matrix is now the major Earth matrix.


The Updwelling (1)
The "first phase" of union with the Inner Earth and the Higher Devic (nature) Realms has now begun.


The Harkening (1)
Opening the scroll to the next stage in Ascension Consciousness.


Rose Mystica and the Magdalene StarSeeds (1)
Living Symbols of the Mysteries.


Opening of the Lotus (1)
A Journey Into Ascension Consciousness.


Hesperus Askara Video (1) + PDF (1)
A video and accompanying PDF on Venus as Guardian and Sistar to Earth.

Lotus Loci Video (1)
Lotus Loci are creational life forms that are evolving in the New Earth Star's Numis'OM stage!

Light Language of the Pure Gem Video (1) + PDF (1)
PDF has the 12 O'pah Annutei sacred flame geometry mandalas!

Star Isles of Avalon Video (1)
Sliding-scale donations including FREE

Return of the Muses Video (1)

11th Gate of the Star Videos (3) + JPG (30) + PDF (1)
Sliding-scale donations

7 Miracles of Light Video (1) + PDF (1)
Sliding-scale donations including FREE