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SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian Download Access

The SpiritWare™ Thoth Master Guardian is now (as of 02/02/08) available for FREE to everyone by supporters that purchased this item and/or donated in response to our heart to heart request for assistance. This is where I (Simeon Nartoomid), the designer of this software, was guided to commit this software program to this planetary service in order to better facilitate planetary ascension if we could reach a goal of having our development expenses compensated by 02/02/08.

To deliver this program to you we are using a standard checkout form below to collect data and deliver the digital product to you as well as to collect donations from anyone who is able and guided to make them. We have ongoing expenses in administering this program, making it available online, and in continuing to support users who have various types of technical or usability problems.

This program is valued at, and was selling for $33.33 before we reached our fundraising goal. We have therefore set the default donation to that amount below, BUT YOU CAN CHANGE IT TO ANYTHING LISTED BELOW INCLUDING "FREE." We can all be grateful for the many persons who stepped forward and made this program a success so that everyone with suported platforms can access it without money being an issue!!!

We are using the data collected to keep track of users for purposes of continuing to support them and the Thoth Master Guardian program, and to keep all users up to date on possible upgrades, or to facilitate Programs of Light which we are being guided to work with using the Thoth Master Guardian software.

PLEASE NOTE: even if you choose "FREE" as your "donation" below the system will ask you to submit credit card information. If you have chosen "FREE" then the system will NOT levy any charges against your credit card, NOR will you be authorizing any future charges, its just part of the way the system we are using is setup and we cannot stop it from asking for credit card info even when the item is being given away. This is the only way we can deliver this program so please do NOT ask for alternate delivery methods.

This is an honor system, and the intention of offering this item for "FREE" is to be able include those who are not able to make any donations in the overall program. Please attune to your inner guidance as to what level of donation if any is appropriate and thank you ahead of time for following that guidance because your donations help offset our ongoing costs in administering this Program of Light!

Any donation made is GREATLY appreciated, fully tax-deductible, and we will issue "official" tax-deductible donation receipts for any amounts over $25.00 to USA residents, or upon request for all others, at year end.

Do NOT install this program on the new WIN 7 operating system. Problems are being reported and we cannot help you. We also do not support this program on WIN VISTA. It will work on some VISTA systems and not others.

If you have WIN VISTA and want to see if it works for you, just download it for FREE below... if it works on your system then come back and make your donation here.

This program will be phased out once XP is no longer supported by Microsoft unless we are able to get the program updated.

Thoth Master Guardian Program for the PC (WIN XP ONLY)   select donation level
download link provided after checkout

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