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Spiritual Energy-Art (eArt)

All images are in JPG format, sized 6"x8" @ 150 dpi, suitable for high quality 6x8 prints. You can also make larger prints than 6x8 with good results if a quality printer is used. These images are packaged in self-extracting executable files [.exe]. Immediately following your check-out process you will automatically be provided links to download your images. Use this download method ONLY if you have a PC.

Mac users please skip the automated download screen and send us an email directly after completing your purchase to let us know you need your file(s) delivered through an alternative method.

All images sold on this website are licensed for personal and private use only which does NOT include use on the internet.

Psionic Templates

Electrikum Series
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Divinity in Humanity Series
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The Amatrix Transmissions
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Rex Mundi Series
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Mandalas - Blood Flower Series
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Mandalas - General
The Zohar Mages Series
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ALL Psionic Templates
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Numis'OM Light and Life Series
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Metatronic Mandalas
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Life Pulse Mandala Series
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All Other Art Categories

Angels & Beings Archetypes & Symbols Ancient Places
IAC Merkabah of the Host Series Fractals Crystals
Other Realms Miscellaneous  

COMMERCIAL LICENSING & COMMISSIONED ART: we can provide specific licensing on our existing artwork for commercial purposes such as book covers, CD covers, websites, videos, television and movies and so forth. Maia also does commissioned art for the spiritual and holistic new consciousness communities. If you need commercial licensing or would like to commission some custom art for your own purposes please contact us.